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About Cloud

Priyam brings you Tally on Cloud. Run Tally ERP 9 from Cloud, from anywhere, anytime, any OS, any device.

Tally on Cloud solution from the pioneers of the Technology. Now free yourself from the hassles of managing and upgrading servers and desktops. Use Tally Cloud to run Tally on cloud and other office applications on cloud, from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Tally and data is securely hosted on our servers. You can access it from any devices which can run RDP protocol. You can use your local printer to print. You can use your local disk to export Tally data. You can also have multiple users on one team, and its amazingly fast.

We understand that keeping your accounting data on remote server is very sensitive decision. That is the reason; we have kept security as our highest priority. In fact, it’s more secure than keeping the server in your premises.

Every Tally instance works in their environment Absolute water tight compartmentalisation.

Check out our awesome features


Hosted and available through standard secured RDP protocol. Can be accessed from any OS any device. You may use Thin Clients, Fat Clients, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS anything, It just works. Ideal for branches.


Every Instance has its own Virtual Machine. Data or Tally cannot be accessed from anywhere else.


If you need more users in year ending or when your audit is in progress, No problem just increase number of users for those months, Scalability at your fingertips.


Hosted on world class data center infrastructure with 99.99 percent uptime. Your Tally ERP up 24/7 available always from anywhere.


Make invoice in Tally on Cloud, and print on your local printer connected to your PC. almost all the printers supported.


Export or backup your Tally data to your local disk. As a security measure you can also control access to local disks available to your users. Easily transfer file between Cloud and desktop.


The Protocol and Technology used in Tally Cloud is very fine tuned and optimised for remote performances. The solution is workable even in moderate internet connectivity.


Flexible plans according to your requirements.


Use your TDL/TCP customisation for Tally seamless only on Tally Cloud.